A Creative Sales Approach

Virtual tours produced under the umbrella of RTV www.realtourvision.com  are fulfilling the needs of the real estate industry. Keeping up with virtual tour technology and keeping ahead of the curve is what makes our work stand out above others.   The support is phenomenal, call anytime and a call back/answer is forthcoming within hours, if not immediately.  The Webinars are cost free and full of information that could be sold to us as providers, but is given free and freely as well.  What an organization, almost family!!!!!

The latest Webinar on Fusion and HDR was great. I personally missed the first part due to finishing up a shoot, but I made it back and got in on the half way point.  I use Photomatix and like Ben said, it is free to trial use, but is relatively cheap, compared to a lot of others and it performs well and is soooooooooo easy to use. (Always Google for coupons for any software before you commit to buying it. I do and I save quite a bit of money!!)  Photomatix has HDR and Exposure Fusion. 

I tried HDR on some home fronts, but it is tricky to work with compared to the Exposure Fusion.  Exposure Fusion works great for those Elevation shots front, side &/or back.  While I was waiting for the bad news about my truck at the provider, I had the bright idea of taking some shots on new cars in the showroom. I gave the salesmanager my card, explained that I just wanted to try out some shots with the idea that I’d send them to him and perhaps there could be something that could work for both of us.  I went back the next day to pick up my truck and made a point of talking with  the Sales Manager. He said, send those pics to me to look at.  I’m sending a couple of fused shots for comments, if you’d like.

Here is a link to a slide show with the front and side shots fused. I don’t mess with the settings,  yet!    http://rtvpix.com/slideshow/3133

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