Aerial Photography for RTV providers

After the webinar from Tuesday October 19th were John Hokkanen from presented the PolePixie I called him the next day to pick-up my Pro Adapter Three Piece Kit.

John’s business is located in beautiful Encinitas just about 15 miles North where my San Diego Virtual Tour is located. Being that he is so close to me, I had the privilege to meet John in person. I learned that he is not only selling his PolePixie creation, but he is also a great photographer and real estate broker. It was a pleasure meeting him.

The PolePixie brings us elevated or aerial photography. Best illustrated with the following pictures (courtesy of The picture below is taken at eye level and the picture below that is taken with an 18 ft pole.

Photo Travel Trips is now offering this great aerial photography service. In our next blog we will show sample photo’s and talk about our experiences with the PolePixie.

Thank You,

Mathieu Jonkers
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