The WOW Factor

The WOW Factor is a term tossed around quite frequently these days pertaining to every thing from entertainment competitions to business practices. I will use it here has it pertains to Virtual Tours and Real Estate Photography in general.
In Real Estate photography the “WOW Factor” is very important element in marketing a property.

Many Real Estate Agents/Brokers & home owners, when listing a property, tend to photograph every nook & cranny of the home ad-nauseam. A close-up of the archways, cornices, the hallway, shots of the half circle window and yes, even the kitchen sink. Boring!

The purpose of interior photographs is to give the perspective buyer a sense of what the house looks like and move them to make an appointment to view in person.

The Virtual Tour is a marketing tool designed to get buyers to view the home not a sales tool designed to sell the home from the internet.

A 360 panorama will give them a sense of a home’s layout in conjunction with stills that will show a particular room’s design. Together, this interactive presentation should motivate them to see the home in person.

This is when the WOW Factor comes into play. You want to reserve some highlights of the home to WOW the buyer. When the buyer sees the photos and/ or Virtual Tour, likes what they see enough to view the home and then they are WOWED by features they didn’t see in the photos, well, it’s just a breeze to closing the deal!

A professional Real Estate photographer uses the best virtual tour software, knows the best areas to photograph, what areas to show and which areas should be reserved to WOW the buyer.       (Such features are more then likely mentioned in the Realtor’s description anyway) A Professional Virtual Tour Producer can create the WOW Factor with HD Full Screen Virtual Tours or an HD Full Screen Slide Show.

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