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Hi again from Challenging Designs, Hot Springs Village Virtual Tour Provider.  I was so impressed with tonight’s webinar, that I started thinking how I could best use the information that Jason and RTV once again motivated me with.  I just purchased a hosting site last night with and have started studying WordPress to start offering my customers more website development.  But yet again Jason and Robin at 360ImageMedia a Wisconsin virtual tour company, have opened another door to me.  I went immediately and purchased Robin’s Social Media kit, before Jason could buy it up!  And I plan on contacting my MLS to see if they would sponsor a training seminar.

Then, I went online to figure out the best names for my area’s real estate blog like Nancy has at offers.  I came up with the names and and of course, the hosting site and WordPress templates I invested in will work perfectly with this endeavor.  I can not only get the agents to talk on the blog, motivating them to actually start blogging more, but the backlinks and staying in front of them is inspired!  I am even considering offering it to other distributors.  Again, so many possibilities to consider in the winter.

Now, when I went online with to purchase the sites, I found’s prices went up to $11.99/domain.  This is quite a bit of money but then I remembered that RTV had a talkshow on the ten minute single property websites that talked about how easy it was to find the discount codes like this, (I also purchased, and for me right now (after last night’s outlay).

After 30 minutes of googling, searching, and praying, I was ecstatic to find even more domain deals and have to pass it on.  It says – Godaddy “non-expiring” coupon for domains for $7.49/each.  On the coupon put “FAN3”.  It worked and saved me $27!!   RealTourVision® is as always, supportive, nurturing and inspirational!  Thank you, Jason and everyone on tonight’s virtual tour software webinar.

Donna Bigg
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