Virtual Tour Technology Tip

This month’s tech tip is about backing up your virtual tours. One of the most common calls I receive is from a provider that has had a catastrophic computer problem that caused them to lose everything on their system. All too often the answer is “No” when I ask if they back their tours up regularly. Backing up tours is quick and external storage is cheap, so if you are not already backing up tours on a regular basis then you need to start now. Pick a day each week to back up your tours and make this simple but very important process part of your daily business routine.

Use the steps below.

Open My Computer
Open the C drive
Open the RTV folder

Locate the following three things: Projects folder, Eyecons folder, and TourBuilder.mdb file. Copy each item, one at a time, and paste them to your backup location. The Projects folder will take the longest to copy because all the photos are stored in it.

That’s it! Now if you are ever in the situation where you lose a computer or hard drive, or you have to re-format to fix an unrelated problem, you will have a back up file that is good to the date you made it. If you are buying a new computer or otherwise have a planned move to a new system then do a fresh backup at that point.

The process for using your backup is simple. You will need to install the virtual tour software on the new system. You should be able to use the disk you received with the system if you purchased from 2008 forward. If you purchased prior to that it would be best to download a new installation since we had a major change in 2007 to the installation files. If you need help with installing the software contact setup or support. Once the software is installed you need to go to your backup location and copy the Projects folder and then browse to the C:RTV folder on the new computer and paste it in. It will prompt you to overwrite. Say yes to this message. Repeat the same process for the Eyecons folder and the TourBuilder.mdb.  Make sure you do this before adding new tours into the software, otherwise you will lose your new tours when you copy in your backed up info.

Following this process will give you back your tours current to the last backup. If you had done tours since the backup you will lose those, but that is much better than losing several months’ worth of tours.

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