Thinking Outside the Box

When we all started our virtual tour companies it seems like real estate is where we focus most of our marketing efforts. Don’t get me wrong I have always said that real estate is our bread and butter. As much as I love bread and butter I like gravy on top of my bread even better.

So what’s the gravy? Commercial virtual tour work! Being that we are a Metro Detroit virtual tour provider our economy has hit us hard with many short sales and foreclosures. But the good news is that all the businesses are also down and they are spending marketing dollars to try to get new business in their doors. We have been photographing Hotels, Restaurants, Nursing Homes, Assistant Living Facilities, and who ever else needs help with their marketing efforts.

So start thinking outside of the box and use your virtual tour software to the fullest capacity! RTV has been giving us many great new virtual tour products to offer to our clients, the only thing that is holding us back now is ourselves! SO GO GET SOME NEW VIRTUAL TOUR BUSINESS TODAY!

Thank You
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