Social Media Training – The Training Play

The Training Play, what can we say…WOW. If you missed the last RTV webinar, all we can say is WOW you missed a great show. Go download it now in your BRC and watch it right away. Social Media Teaching and Social Ignition courses. What a great way to broaden your property marketing offerings to your current customers as well as establish many new customers as well. Yes we are talking about you teaching your real estate agents,brokers, and other clients how to use and dominate social media.

How you ask? Well just with the basic knowledge you have already been taught from Real Tour Vision virtual tours, you have become very versed. Taking these teachings, and some acquiring some new knowledge as well, you can capitalize and create a little or a ton of extra income for your business. By offering social media courses to your clients you can add between $600-$15000 a year.

The amount of time you spend teaching is completely up to you, teach 1 class or 20. 360 Image Media the leading Wisconsin Virtual Tour Company is also helping you achieve the goal of becoming a master of the social media teaching. We have taken the original Social Ignition, and updated it to reflect the current conditions. As a special limited time offer for all RTV providers, we are offering this to you for $5 THATS RIGHT ONLY $5. If you have taken the original social ignition you know how valuable this is. The NEW Social Ignition is delivered to you in a complete package outlining a 10 week E-Course, or you can use it as a in person class outline.

Just like the original Social Ignition course, this course is great to offer for your current clients and also to get the new ones. Everyone including Real Estate Agents, Small Business Owners, and other Professionals want to know how to use Social Media. Why not be the one that teaches them and get paid for sharing what you already know. So if you missed the show, go download it RIGHT NOW. Then go to 360 Image Media’s Social page and on the bottom of the page you can purchase the NEW Social Ignition. It will be delivered right to your inbox after checkout is complete.

Thanks and Teach, Teach, Teach

360 Image Media
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P.S. If you were on the show, send us your questions and feedback.