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Hello fellow RTV virtual tour providers.  This is Donna with Challenging Designs a Hot Springs Village virtual tour company.  I cannot begin to tell you what a difference “HD Gallery Showcase” (as I call them) is making for me! My prices are low to stay competitive here in this unique market.  We are a resort/gated/retirement community.  Our target group, up until lately, has been retirement age.  This means less smart phones, less regional marketing and more national marketing.  We can’t use Panoriders, and that $100 mark seems to be a wall with our older Realtors. 


I was THRILLED when the team over there at Real Tour Vision (RTV) made my year!  I have seen a MARKED improvement and increase in business since I started offering the all new RTV Standalone Slideshow or the  “HD Gallery Showcase” as I call them.  It is really making a huge difference for my virtual tour business. I can now offer a technologically elegant and slick presentation with 30 still photographs which I professionally shoot for $69.00.  Then I offer a Fall Special, $9 discount for grouping the orders (more than 2 at a time).  Real estate agents are getting a fantastic deal for $60 and let me tell you RTV…IT IS WORKING!!


I also offer a self-service for $39, but so far the agents are only sending me the optimized photos they send to the MLS, so I had to start putting a disclaimer on the “Self-Serve Gallery”, high resolution, not less than 700 kb per file and if you’re smart you will use this image to let people know that YOU did not take the pictures:

Click on the image above – Right Click – Save Image As…
Want another KILLER way to use the Standalone Slideshow Module to your benefit?  Most of you have at least one or two agents in your area who prefer to do their own virtual tours right??  Well why not set them up on the new RTV Slideshow module and sit back and collect your 20% sales commissions for life on those accounts.  It’s an easy way to take advantage of RTV’s existing reseller program and get people off of competing technology in your area and onto yours! Besides, once you have those people as customers, who do you think they’re going to call for additional property marketing services…YOU!!

Now to the breakdown, how does this impact my bottom-line when I shoot full service? It takes me approximately 1 hour (including driving time) to take the stills. Then approximately 1 hour to choose the photos, rename & clean up any shadows or color corrections, and save in HD & web resolution, upload and create slideshow. I also email the agent the optimized photos for the MLS with both URLs and then copy to a disk.  For two hours of my time I’m averaging an easy $30.00/ hour! Not too shabby!

Before I made my purchase of the standalone slideshow module, I was afraid this would replace the virtual tour with many of the REALTORS, but I am glad to say it is actually bringing in more virtual tours because I’m able to reach out to agents that I was unable to reach before, my customers now they have the option to have less photos with panoramas, or more photos with no panoramas. The REALTORS love my property marketing tools and the diverse offering now.


My final tip to you all is to create what RTV calls a ‘subtle tour’ Here is one of Traverse City that Jason and Jim did over at BlueLaVaMedia. After I saw how well that worked for them I started creating a tour of Hot Springs Village and purchased the domain,  Take a look at it and you’ll see that I’ve essentially  made an HD Gallery Show that highlights Hot Springs Village.  Since I created this I started offering it to REALTORS for free to be used on their websites, emails, business cards, etc. It has my information in the name area.  I will be creating more smaller slideshows with REALTOR specific information for a cost.  It works to give it a try. Remember that RTV is giving you UNLIMITED HD SLIDESHOWS to take advantage of that and put them to use for you sooner than later!!!

Since I purchased the Standalone Slideshow Module, I have already sold 10 slideshows in less than 2 weeks and more are coming in.  I’m still selling virtual tours too! I can see the possibilities in neighborhoods, businesses, storefronts, providerships, restaurants and have already had some interest from non-real estate companies.  I’m so excited and hope that you all out there are too.  In fact I just got word today that the slideshows now have the weekly hit reports in them working. Yay!  I’m really happy that I got setup on the module under it’s current pricing and hope you do too. It’s boosting my business tremendously and I highly recommend it to everyone out there….unless your close to me! 🙂  I can’t wait until Real Tour Vision adds the new video export to the system.  That’s going to be fantastic! Thanks for all you do and please RTV providers out there don’t hesitate to call me with questions and other ideas you might have for taking advantage of this awesome property marketing tool. Thanks RTV!!

Donna Bigg
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