My First Virtual Tour Shoot

Dear RTV.  Thank you so much for the virtual tour lead. The virtual tour and entire shoot turned out very well yesterday.  Weather was perfect!  The house was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!  It could not have been more perfect.  Immaculate and well-decorated!  I really had fun doing this and it was surprisingly easy. It was a pretty large house and I was there almost 4 hours.  Not too bad for my very first virtual tour shoot. I ended up doing a lot outside too.

As it turns out the home that I was doing a virtual tour of belongs to a famous country music person but I was not familiar with them. Anyway, the realtor and the homeowners were all there and actually the realtor had others coming to preview the property.  Everyone was so considerate and stayed out of the way while I was going about my business. Overall the virtual tour is going to turn out well and there’s a good chance that I’ll do more work for this realtor down the road.

Again RTV thank you so much for the lead and this has helped me really get confidence that this is something I can easily do. I’ve already sent some stills to the realtor for the mls so she can get that up and I’m in the process of  making a cd of the finished virtual tour for the home owner. Thanks for your support! Now I need to get cracking on my website!


Glenda Oshop
Murfreesboro Virtual Tours
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