Marketing Your HD V-Slides – New From RTV Marketing

IF you have not yet announced the new HD V-Slides for your virtual tour company, this versatile flyer (and the postcard we did last month) might be just what you need to get started and launch. As RTV continues to develop the World’s finest virtual tour software we will also continue helping you market your virtual tour business by creating new material each and every month for you to use.

This month’s virtual tour marketing piece is a two page document that’s easily customizable with your company information and can be printed or sent out as an e-flyer.  I personally think e- flyers should be used frequently in addition to print advertising, personal calls, visits and so on.  E-Flyers are fee to send, are immediate and most importantly they’re effective. Plus you can add in hyperlinks to samples like we have done with this piece. Finalize your e-flyer, create your email, load your contacts into your Aweber Account and blast out your new product to your customer base.

In this e-Flyer each picture is linked to an amazing HD V–Slide. If you’ve already started creating your own HD V-Slides samples, you can swap the samples that come with this piece out with your own. Your customers (and new prospects) can then instantly understand the difference between your HD V-Slides and your virtual tours.


What many of you are finding out is that the V-Slides appeal to an entirely new audience that you’ve most likely never been able to sell to with your 360 virtual tours.  Well now you can! This new product is also packed with all of the same powerful features as your interactive 360 tours giving you lots to talk about after you catch their attention. Don’t worry; your virtual tour lovers will still be attracted to (and purchase) your interactive 360 virtual tours.  You will just be reaching out to a new crowd of people who prefer still images over panos.  Your V-Slides will bring new people into your showroom that you simply couldn’t reach before.

Remember that the key is to catch your prospects attention within a few moments whether you are sending out an email, making that phone call, or doing an in-person presentation. These V-Slides of a car providership, large marine vessel, gated golf community, hotel and million dollar homes will do just that!

If you have an idea or a need for a specific marketing piece email jill(AT) and I will see what I can do.  Remember all of our marketing materials can be accessed through 

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