The FORMULA 37 | A Secret Weapon

Relying 100% on virtual tours as a source of income for your property marketing business is downright silly.  We all learned on the last episode of The FORMULA that your business can bring in three to ten thousand dollars of additional income every year just by teaching classes at your local associations.

You should always be on the lookout for powerful property marketing tools that you can offer your existing customer base.  While some customers just love getting ten to thirty listing CD’s others will rely on the power of your single property websites to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.  Many will order an Exposure Engine on every listing while others entice sellers with your text connect program.  No matter what property marketing tools your business is currently offering its import to diversify your offering.

Please join me on Tuesday October 19th at 7:00 Eastern while I chat with John Hokkanen, real estate broker, property marketing genius and inventor of what might very well be the most affordable property marketing tool you’ll ever own.  If you do google him up ahead of time, (and I know you will) don’t make a purchase until after the show as he will be offering a show special to any and all RTV virtual tour providersI’m warning you now that you better talk to your business partner and spouse before the show because this little doohickey is so awesome and inexpensive I know you’ll own one right after our show. 

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