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318 Baker Drive, Lincoln University, PA 19352First of all, Virtual Vista has to thank the other property site providers for inspiring us to develop the best single property website available.  So many companies deliver websites of such inferior quality that it detracts from the property instead of enticing potential buyers.  These same companies design sites that market only the agent, not the property itself, and those that DO market the property are NOT what we like to call “Eye Candy.”  Our Philosophy is SIMPLE…Give the buyer everything they need on ONE page.

So, what are the keys to making a property website an excellent tool for the realtor as well as an outstanding asset to the seller, in addition to being an enticing marketing piece for potential buyers? 

Well…Let us start with a “.com” domain name, i.e., not only is the “.com” more memorable and recognizable, but using the property address is very important when optimizing the site for search engines. 

Once we have created this high-quality domain, a successful single property website needs to be COLORFUL.  You will notice most property websites are dull, and no matter which company the agent is with, you rarely see proper branding.  With each Virtual Vista Single Property Website, you will find custom agency branding, as well as a prominently placed photo of the agent. 

Next we add the West Chester Virtual Tour and/or Still Photographs of the property.  The most popular version of our property website includes a Virtual Tour (Hi-Definition or Standard) and a Slideshow.  Now, the virtual tour is not a must, but what a tool…at the bare minimum we include a slideshow.  Our website slideshow also provides another huge advantage; where other websites, even and the MLS, limit the number of stills you may use, we allow you to incorporate as many as necessary.  Note:  should you already have a virtual tour, our sites support:  Visual Tours, Obeo, and Circlepix…let us know if you have questions.

Now that the main pieces of Virtual Vista’s amazing property website are in place, it is time to add the extras that really set it off.  So the buyer likes the house, they need to know where it is located and how to get there, so we add a Google map where they can easily get directions to the property.  “Hmmm, what are the schools like?”  We added school information.  “Honey, do you think we can afford this place?”  We added, in our opinion, the coolest mortgage calculator around.  All of these features make our custom single property website a comprehensive buyer resource for your listings.  If you are not sold yet, keep reading.   

“Besides being the most versatile, eye-catching piece of marketing I have ever come across, what other features are included?”  Well, for one, we have added a very accessible “Schedule A Showing” button.  This button opens a nice little form to grab the potential buyer(s)’ contact information, desired showing time, or even a question he/she may have.  Once submitted, this information is forwarded directly to the agent.  We have also created a readily available, up to the minute website traffic report.  Last, but definitely not least, each website is 99% editable by the agent from within our user-friendly interface.  With the first website purchase, we provide the agent with their very own username and password.  These features create a “WOW” factor proven by our satisfied clients to be an excellent tool for, not only marketing the property, but also for giving you an edge when competing for new listings. 

In conclusion, as I am sure you will agree, these single property websites have EVERYTHING and are sure to be a hit with BUYERS, SELLERS, and AGENTS alike!!!
Virtual Vista is also extremely excited to report that we are mere days away from kicking off the addition of our highly anticipated NEW Hi-Definition Slideshow.  This is an excellent new product with tons of features that are sure to increase your listing(s)’ exposure and sharpen your edge over the competition…          

Until Next Time,

Brian Castro
Your Virtual Vista Marketing Team
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