Back to Basics with Listing Solutions

After attending the Realtourvision® webinar tonight, I was amazed at how much I have learned in the past three years from RTV … and how much I have not learned. Blogging is essential to any successful online marketing campaign and I stopped about 6 months ago when we started to get busy. No excuse, I know better! As easy as blogging is, I can’t believe that I ignored the least expensive and most effective form of marketing available. Blogging is what put Listing Solutions on the map and when properly done, generates awesome “Google Juice.”

Listing Solutions (I just pulled rank on our name) recently launched our new High Definition Full Screen Slideshows (loving the back link). Our clients can now market their listings with eye popping images that are pushed to many real estate portals, for only $29.99 per slide show. These awesome new marketing vehicles are branded with the Realtor’s information and have social networking icons built in, making them extremely viral. St. Augustine real estate (oh, this is just too easy sometimes) professionals are now leveraging the power of our cutting-edge technologies to gain a competitive edge in today’s real estate market.

St. Augustine virtual tours (oops, I did it again) differ than most of the real estate tours that you often see. First of all, we have some of the most amazing scenery here in the Nation’s oldest city. From miles of beautiful and relaxing beaches to the abundance of History, photographing homes for sale in St. Augustine (this is just shameless) is truly a pleasure. Last month the city celebrated her 445th Birthday. If you have never visited St. Augustine, you are definitely missing out!

Just thirty minutes north of St. Augustine, is Jacksonville, Florida. Our Jacksonville virtual tours (cha-ching) reveal one of the best kept secrets in all of Florida. Surrounded by a mind blowing amount of waterways, beaches and industry, Jacksonville is rapidly becoming one of the busiest cities in Florida. You will be pleasantly surprised when viewing some of the most beautiful homes in Northeast Florida. Oh yeah, Jacksonville is also home to the NFL Franchise: Jacksonville Jaguars (waiting on my tickets for the link Mr. Weaver).

Palm Coast lies just 20 minutes south of St. Augustine and is a Golfer’s Paradise. Our Palm Coast virtual tours (why did I stop doing this) showcase a variety of scenic Florida homes. Whether viewing an amazing Golf Community home or homes with Ocean Views, Palm Coast offers something for everyone. We are blessed to live in such a place and our business benefits from the ability to photograph homes year round.
Listing Solutions is laser-focused on helping our client’s achieve the success online needed to compete in today’s challenging market.

We are one of St. Augustine web designs (don’t mind if I do) emerging companies and a Full Service provider with Realtourvision® makers of the finest virtual tour software (some love for the RTV Staff) in the World. We are one of the premier virtual tour providers in St. Augustine (I own this one). Our online real estate marketing (thinking of owning this one) skills allow us to help our clients dominate the search engines. We would love the opportunity to help you. Call us today to schedule your next High Definition Full Screen Virtual Tour or Slideshow.

Thanks for the kick in the butt, Jason!

Dave Hall,
Listing Solutions
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