Are We Too Likable?

Hi folks, your Nova Scotia virtual tours provider Nancy Bain and Supernova Studios   with our love/hate relationship with the Like Button.

There’s a fine line between love and hate. When the new social plug-in “the like button”  came out I couldn’t wait to add it to my virtual tour company website.

Less than a month after the launch (of the Like Button) in April this year already 50,000 people had added the button to their site. And recently it was reported that over 2 millions sites world wide are using the plug-in.

Today Facebook announced a new Admin Interface to enable site owners to contact those who have liked their pages.

If you’re not familiar with “list building” here’s the skinny:  List Building: The process of gathering names and addresses and compiling them into a database for direct marketing purposes (e.g. telemarketing).

For marketing peeps like myself List Building is a must. Mandatory. Here’s a great article on list building which was prompted by Jonathan Rivera when Facebook shut down his Official Real Estate Referral Group with over 50,000 members without notice.

But let’s face it. Not all of us are marketers who get all hyped up about another avenue to expand our lists.

How many of us have been sitting at the dinner table after a long day at the office when the phone rings. You look at each other, “who’s going to get that?” Frustrated, you catch it on the last ring only to find a telemarketer so skilled that even when you say “No” immediately they can keep you on the phone long enough that your dinner is cold.

Expect more of that. Every time you click like on a website the site owner now has a means to contact you.

All too often I’m posting links warning my friends of yet another Facebook Scam like this recent one. If you are tempted to click links because they promise to show shocking content, it’s most likely a scam. (Duhhh)

Remember when there was no like button? And you posted a picture or status update where the only way someone could respond was by actually communicating with words? I miss those times. Like – to me, seems a little lazy.

And what does like really mean? You’ve just posted a status update that Hurricane Earl has blown your front window in and 10 people click like! What is that?? Is like merely an acknowledgment that “I have read your status”, or do they really like the fact that your window has blown in?

I miss communicating. Real words. Like, leaves me guessing… “what do you really mean by that”. Remember folks, a few words go a long way. Like reveals nothing about you. It’s ambiguous.

So there you have it. My love/hate relationship with the like button. Yes – I will build my list using the social plug-in, will continue to resent tele-marketers and be sad by the loss of real communication.

FYI folks, you can also see what all your friends are liking at

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