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Wow,  what a great year it has been for upgrading virtual tour software features and releasing new V-Tour technology! Teaming up with RTV was the best business decision I could have made for my Grand Rapids virtual tour company. RTV is always on the cutting edge of new technology and always quick to roll out upgrades or new products to its providers, thereby helping us to quickly be able to offer these products and services to our clients.

We at Frees Frame have been providing quality professional property photography and virtual tours in the Grand Rapids market for 3 years now and business has been good, but why settle for good when you can have GREAT!

GREAT is what has happened thanks to RTV and the new HD slide show module! In mid-September, Frees Frame announced the release of the Frees Frame HD V-Slide and it’s been a huge hit with the Realtors here in West Michigan.

We have had many new clients call us to get their properties showcased in this new full-screen HD Slide Show! Many of them even mentioned the fact that they previously used other virtual tour providers UNTIL they saw the quality of our photography full-screen in the HD V-Slide.

One of the properties we shot for a new client turned out so awesome that the property was chosen to be featured in the Coldwell Banker E-Magazine. Another new client decided to give Frees Frame a try and was extremely pleased when the property sold very fast because our photography showcased in the slide show captured the essence of the home and the hearts of the buyers. This client quickly ordered additional marketing packages for other listings.

So A Big THANKS goes out to the Team at RTV for helping to keep my business, cutting edge in technology and the preferred property photography and marketing team in West Michigan!

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Unless, your site engages and captures a potential client immediately, a sale is lost. This simple postcard highlights how immediate consumers are.  Most importantly, it reminds potential customers that if their web content is not engaging and informative, then it is most definitely not effective. 

The new RTV HD V-slides and HD virtual tours are the logical remedy.  This postcard is applicable to all audiences.  Take a few moments to customize this postcard with your companies name and contact information, upload to Vistaprint and then distribute.  Easy enough!  If you have an idea or a need for a specific marketing piece email jill(at) and I will see what I can do.  Remember all of our marketing materials can be accessed through

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Hi folks, your Nova Scotia virtual tours provider Nancy Bain and Supernova Studios   with our love/hate relationship with the Like Button.

There’s a fine line between love and hate. When the new social plug-in “the like button”  came out I couldn’t wait to add it to my virtual tour company website.

Less than a month after the launch (of the Like Button) in April this year already 50,000 people had added the button to their site. And recently it was reported that over 2 millions sites world wide are using the plug-in.

Today Facebook announced a new Admin Interface to enable site owners to contact those who have liked their pages.

If you’re not familiar with “list building” here’s the skinny:  List Building: The process of gathering names and addresses and compiling them into a database for direct marketing purposes (e.g. telemarketing).

For marketing peeps like myself List Building is a must. Mandatory. Here’s a great article on list building which was prompted by Jonathan Rivera when Facebook shut down his Official Real Estate Referral Group with over 50,000 members without notice.

But let’s face it. Not all of us are marketers who get all hyped up about another avenue to expand our lists.

How many of us have been sitting at the dinner table after a long day at the office when the phone rings. You look at each other, “who’s going to get that?” Frustrated, you catch it on the last ring only to find a telemarketer so skilled that even when you say “No” immediately they can keep you on the phone long enough that your dinner is cold.

Expect more of that. Every time you click like on a website the site owner now has a means to contact you.

All too often I’m posting links warning my friends of yet another Facebook Scam like this recent one. If you are tempted to click links because they promise to show shocking content, it’s most likely a scam. (Duhhh)

Remember when there was no like button? And you posted a picture or status update where the only way someone could respond was by actually communicating with words? I miss those times. Like – to me, seems a little lazy.

And what does like really mean? You’ve just posted a status update that Hurricane Earl has blown your front window in and 10 people click like! What is that?? Is like merely an acknowledgment that “I have read your status”, or do they really like the fact that your window has blown in?

I miss communicating. Real words. Like, leaves me guessing… “what do you really mean by that”. Remember folks, a few words go a long way. Like reveals nothing about you. It’s ambiguous.

So there you have it. My love/hate relationship with the like button. Yes – I will build my list using the social plug-in, will continue to resent tele-marketers and be sad by the loss of real communication.

FYI folks, you can also see what all your friends are liking at

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Google is following a new kind of way to validate your virtual tour webpage rank. There is no longer just good content and a set of keywords that make people link to your webpage. Business now requires that business are more creative creating multimedia, posting in You-tube, placing photos on Flikr and tagging this multimedia as much as possible.

There is another problem since there is a new SERP on the left corner of the search page. This really distracts users from the rest of the first page. It is extremely important to be in the first rows to obtain attention to your webpage.

The best way to achieve this will be to place as much content as possible on the different places of the Internet like YouTube, twitter, Flicker, etc. It is important to respond as quickly as possible to the comments and critics of your clients.

This is what will keep them coming to your place and increasing your SEO. If you need advice on how to increase the presence of your business on the Internet, you need to be in contact with those that really can help you get there by creating for you your own webpage and helping you find the right keywords and produce the multimedia that your business requires. Here are some results that might help you understand the advantage of good SEO. Section

Website Grade
Moz Rank
Google Indexed Pages
Traffic Rank
Blog Grade
Inbound Links

Finally, which statistics you should be looking at?
There are hundreds of numbers related to your website performance, the most important are:
1. The number of visitors (new and returning)
2. How many of those visitors become leads? Specially, what is the rate of visitors to leads?
3. The rank of your page. Google will rank your page between 1 and 10 based on a group of characteristics that you have to address.
4. You need to know which keywords are scoring better and if they are going up or down.
So how you can do this? It can sound as a monumental task, but in reality is an obtainable goal. To increase your presence on the Internet you need some knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our personnel at Virtual Florida Tours are trained to help you optimize your internet presence allowing your company to increase the number of leads. To get help on your webpage optimization, do not hesitate it not more. Contact our specialists or simply make a phone call to 305 331 8960, help is just a phone call away.

Gabriel Duque
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Hi again from Challenging Designs, Hot Springs Village Virtual Tour Provider.  I was so impressed with tonight’s webinar, that I started thinking how I could best use the information that Jason and RTV once again motivated me with.  I just purchased a hosting site last night with and have started studying WordPress to start offering my customers more website development.  But yet again Jason and Robin at 360ImageMedia a Wisconsin virtual tour company, have opened another door to me.  I went immediately and purchased Robin’s Social Media kit, before Jason could buy it up!  And I plan on contacting my MLS to see if they would sponsor a training seminar.

Then, I went online to figure out the best names for my area’s real estate blog like Nancy has at offers.  I came up with the names and and of course, the hosting site and WordPress templates I invested in will work perfectly with this endeavor.  I can not only get the agents to talk on the blog, motivating them to actually start blogging more, but the backlinks and staying in front of them is inspired!  I am even considering offering it to other distributors.  Again, so many possibilities to consider in the winter.

Now, when I went online with to purchase the sites, I found’s prices went up to $11.99/domain.  This is quite a bit of money but then I remembered that RTV had a talkshow on the ten minute single property websites that talked about how easy it was to find the discount codes like this, (I also purchased, and for me right now (after last night’s outlay).

After 30 minutes of googling, searching, and praying, I was ecstatic to find even more domain deals and have to pass it on.  It says – Godaddy “non-expiring” coupon for domains for $7.49/each.  On the coupon put “FAN3”.  It worked and saved me $27!!   RealTourVision® is as always, supportive, nurturing and inspirational!  Thank you, Jason and everyone on tonight’s virtual tour software webinar.

Donna Bigg
Your imagination is your limit!
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