The ‘Straight’ Talk

I have been a photographer for a long time and most of my photography experience has been with a wide range of film cameras.  It was only 4 years ago when I picked up my first digital Nikon D200 camera. Wanting to return to the profession, I joined the RTV virtual tour network a year ago as a provider of virtual tours here in Northern Nevada.  In my time with RTV I have attended as many webinars as possible to learn techniques from successful providers.   The Great Exposures 2 webinar has been one of the most helpful to date.

I just purchased Lightroom 3 and during the webinar they talked about editing photos in this software.  The information was very timely.  Some of the adjustments they covered in the IMAGE webinar for lightroom 3 enhances the lighting and color of the pictures.  I also learned about straightening the vertical and horizontal lines of buildings in the pictures to give them a more professional look.  Above and below are the before and after photos based on what I’ve learned in this webinar.  I was aware of the functionality that was available but hadn’t seen it in action until the webinar.  I have a great appreciation for the help and instruction I get from attending every webinar even though I have a background in photography.

Being open to learning new techniques and reminders of what I’ve learned continues to help my business succeed. Thanks RTV!

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