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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being part of a panel of three on the “Rock the Shoot” round table hosted by RTV’s one and only Jacque Burke.

While I was on the panel with Michael Metzig of O C Real Tours & Brett  Weaver of SpotLight Virtual Tours to share our techniques for shooting Choice Hotels I too learned something that evening.

When Michael mentioned that his Photographer, Ben didn’t use flash but instead bracketed exposures and used the Exposure Fusion feature in the Photomatix Pro software, I was a little more then intrigued.

The thought of being able to shoot interiors without flash was very appealing considering I was looking at replacing a very expensive flash unit that had just exploded on me the week before.

Immediately after the Round Table I Googled Photomatix and downloaded the free trial version and began shooting some test images. Now I had come across this software before for HDR processing after an HDR Webinar in 2009 and never tried it because I just wasn’t impressed with most HDR images I viewed. They all seemed over-processed and unrealistic. However, I was not aware of the Exposure Fusion option!

 Well to say I was very impressed is a major understatement. The speed and ease of the software as well as the resulting fused image is nothing less then amazing. Well worth the price if admission especially with the 15% discount when using the Promo Code “beforethecoffee”. While I haven’t completely switched to Flash free images I will more then likely in the very near future after a little more experimenting.

Now this evening I only caught the tail end of tonight’s Webinar and was pleasantly surprised to find Brett Weaver on the panel once again. After the jealously wore off…LOL, I found myself again very impressed at what Brett was showing us with the Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom . Yet again, the seemingly easy corrections this software performs appears to be a major time saver. A bit more pricier then Photomatix, this will have to wait a little before it becomes part of my Virtual Tour processing arsenal. 

Never the less, the superb monthly RTV Virtual Tour Webinars continually hosted by RTV persistently proves to be a wealth of information not to missed. If you can’t make it, be sure to download from the RTV RPM site when posted a few days later.  You too may be surprised at what you learn.

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