The RTV Slideshow Module is Driving Sales!

Alamo Area Virtual Tours, has taken the Stand Alone SlideShow to its customers and it has been very well received.  What I’ve found is that the new Standalone Slideshow from RTV is a HUGE success among the agents out there feeling the ‘pinch’ of the economic downturn and have contracted their marketing spending. The good news is that while this bunch is waiting and hoping for the next Real Estate Boom they’re still willing to spend money on technology. Their just a little more price sensitive than before.

So now with this new product I going across town telling them that I have something that ‘may’ fit their budget. That’s where the stand alone slideshow comes into play. My pricing is:  up to 30 do-it-yourself high def digital shots sent to me and I process: $35   I do the shoot: $55  All virtual tours, other than the basic (4 spins and 10 stills), receive an HD Slideshow as well. 

This has been a great marketing tool. For those of you that have not seen this puppy here’s an example of a standalone slideshow that was recently done: and here is the new slideshow hit report that is getting released by RTV tomorrow! On many of my exterior shots and ALL of my front elevation shots, I ‘exposure fusion’ them using Photomatix Pro3 and get outstanding results!  I have tried HDR but as Mike said, it sometimes seems too much. 

Nevertheless, I can’t tell all of you enough that if you have not taken RTV up on the $249 unlimited HD Slideshows /year deal, you are letting Gold slip through your fingers.

I just finished one of my tours for one of my clients that I hadn’t had a tour order from in about 6 months and he exclaimed how much better it had become since the last virtual tour. The response was, ‘That tour & slideshow are great’ with an exclamation at the end!!!!

JIm Hoback
Alamo Area Virtual Tours
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