RTV Launches Standalone Slideshow Module

We are very excited to have released our standalone version of our HD slideshow in August. That’s right; you can now purchase our Standalone Slideshow Module and create UNLIMITED HD V-Slides for your customers. 

Visit http://slides.realtourvision.com today for ordering information.

We are thrilled with this technology and our providers love it as well.

Click the link below and see what other RTV providers are saying about standalone HD V-Slides:


Please note that were working very hard each day to wrap up our list of enhancements to the slideshow so we can finalize Tour Builder 4.0 Online. We are currently working on finishing up the Picture Path gateway so you can send your HD V-Slides to Realtor.com, finalizing our hit reporting system on the slides and making just a few other minor changes to the overall look and feel of the product.

So how does the standalone slideshow differ from the slideshow?  Well first off, every time you create an interactive Virtual Tour, you can also create an HD Slideshow for that same property / address.  Feel free to use the same images as your HD virtual tour or select up to 30 additional HD images not already in your virtual tour. Using our built in smart uploader you can literally point to any image or set of images on your computer and batch upload, resize, and compress for fast creation and delivery time.  If you are not already adding the new HD slideshow to your previous and new virtual tour orders then it is time to start!

With our Standalone HD Slideshow Module you can create UNLIMITED slideshows.  Soon enough these slideshows will go to Realtor.com and get a weekly hit report JUST LIKE YOUR TOURS! The fee for this add on is $249 / year. This allow a single user / builder to create unlimited standalone slideshows for an entire year! 

Enjoy the new technology and please feel free to contact us with any question that you have.

Anyone with an existing RTV provider account may sign up here for unlimited standalone HD slideshows today: http://slides.realtourvision.com

Keep an eye out for our new Tour Builder 4.0 Online coming this fall!

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