RTV Launches Real Estate Websites for Agents & Brokers

By now we hope you’ve had a chance to review the brand new Agent WebSite Program that was launched on June 14th. Here’s the same announcement (revised with some newer updates) in case you missed June’s Tour Talk newsletter article about it:

The real estate market is finally starting to show signs of life again, and here’s your chance to jump in just at the right moment! You already sell your HD Virtual Tours to realtors, developers, businesses, etc., and you tell them about how those virtual tours will be displayed on your website. With the launch of the new Agent Site Program, your clients can now have their own totally manageable website that automatically populates the tours that you shoot for them right into their website.

You’ve been asking to see what it will look like and we can now say, “Okay, here it is.” This is a demo site that we have set up and filled in based on information graciously provided by a Realtor in our own local area.

As the owner of this site, you could log into a management section and change any of your colors, swap your template for another, change any text or pictures, add or delete various types of pages, manually add listings other than the ones already being automatically populated, add Google Analytics, and more.  Keep in mind that as you create virtual tours for your customers, your virtual tours will automatically be added to this site via an auto feed that we have in place with the RTV virtual tour servers.

So about now, you may be saying, “Hey, if I’m going to be out selling these websites to my customers then what’s in it for me?” That’s okay, it’s a natural response. How about clients who love what you’ve done for their business, more business for you, loyal client relationships, extra exposure for your tours, and $50 for the completed sale, plus $5 residual pay per month while their site is live. Now that’s incentive!

So how do you sell these sites? We have created a sales site for you for that purpose. Give this link to your clients and they will get an extremely reasonably priced website, all ready for their own personalized content, in a matter of three days max. By the time you shoot the tour for them, their site will be live. Here’s the link to give to them. http://agentsites.bytepages.com/

Does your agent already have a website?  No problem!  These websites are so inexpensive, they make a perfect secondary website for agents and brokers who are sitting on unused or forwarded domain names.  Many agents now days have two or more domain names which makes our new virtual tour fed sites an easy snag and a must have for any proactive agent.

Good luck out there!
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