One Tour Leads to Another

See It Sell Studios recently completed our first golf course virtual tour. We decided to do a “blitz” to approach regional golf courses. While doing a presentation with a course manager, she mentioned that the owner of the restaurant at the club house would probably jump at the idea of a tour. Long story short, we not only managed to create a tour for the golf course restaurant, we also landed a tour for another restaurant the owner has. We bit the bullet and offered the owner a choice between the “smaller view” and HD technology. Of course he wanted the full screen view. What this did is force us to work with HD resolution. We were happy with the results of the two tours we completed as was our client. If you have been avoiding doing HD tours we recommend you practice until you feel confident working in HD; RTV staff will work with you to help you get out the kinks as you learn the pixel dimesions and jpg optimizer. They certainly took the time with us! (Pickwick Pizza Co.) (The Links) (Corinth, MS.)

Hugh Jordan
See It Sell Studios
Corinth Virtual Tour Provider