I LOVE the HD Slideshow & The IMAGE Training

This is with flash and 12” reflective disc.

This is with flash and no disc.

Challenging Designs Inc. is proud to participate in Real Tour Visions HD Virtual Slideshows, offering low-cost self-service virtual tours for the smaller homes.  This is a definite hit with my customers in this economy.  I was afraid we would lose some virtual tours to the HD Virtual Slideshow, but when I ask if they want the panorama offered only with the virtual tours, or the HD Virtual Slideshow without any panoramas.  My customers appreciate the option.

For the “View” or “Luxury” homes, there is no choice, it has to have panoramas.  But for the middle to lower end customer who may only sign a 3 or 6 month contract, they love being able to offer the HD Virtual Slideshow without having to put out “the big bucks”, as one customer told me.  To show how versatile this product is, I created a “demo” HD Virtual Slideshow for the city, which I allow any realtor or business to link to, www.TourHotSpringsVillage.com .  This has been a wonderful advertising tool for everyone to use  and I highly recommend it!

I am also very proud of the training Jason and RTV offer its providers by way of the monthly talk shows and webinars..  As a professional photographer I am used to having lots of gear with me.  It is great when Ben mentions alternatives, for those who don’t have the equipment, in passing.  It sticks in my head, but of course, I use my tried and true setup.  I have a Nikon D90 with Nikon S600 flash, 2 additional slave flashes, a 2nd tripod and a monopod.  Well thanks to Ben, my bacon was saved on my last photo shoot.  Believe it or not, all my batteries were dead, the 8 back-up as well as the 8 in my 2 slave flashes.  The house had a wall of windows with a great golf view in a huge room, but the flash with diffuser gave a pink tinge to the walls, and the windows either flashed out or the window treatment and room were too dark.  I was right in the middle of the shoot and it had to be done that day (it rained for the next 3 days).

Although I am also a graphic designer so I knew I could color correct it on the computer (I use CS5 Photoshop), the noise can ruin the shot.  Then I remembered Ben telling us last year, about a “reflective disc”.  I purchased it last year but never thought I would use the mini disc.  It is only a 12” disc so I didn’t think it would make much difference, but Ben said to use it behind and below the flash to direct the light to the shadow/darker spaces.  I needed flash for color correction more than shadow, but without any batteries, I figured it was worth a try.  I used the silver side when I need to add light and the white side when I needed to balance the flash.  It was awesome.  Worked like a charm!  Thank you so much RTV for all you do for us.  Attached are photos, before and after, to show you what a difference it made.

This is with flash (diffuser) but with manual settings.
This is with flash (diffuser)

I had just used the big reflectors for studio shots before.  But this portable one is fantastic!  Thanks again Ben for The IMAGE!

Donna Bigg
Photographer/Graphic Designer
Challenging Designs Inc.
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