The IMAGE | Creative Photography Webinar

It’s time to get CREATIVE. Let out your inner artistic photographer and get your photography to sell the new RTV HD Slideshow.  We have had an incredible response to the new HD slideshow. Customers and providers alike love the look, the features, the transitions, etc. The new standalone slide show offers a whole new world of photography options. With primarily still photography in the slideshow we need to grab the attention of the viewer so it’s time to get creative.
No longer are we bound to just capturing the views and amenities that a property has to offer. Now it is time to capture the heart of the viewer with photography that entices, intrigues, and touches the senses with art and appeal.  Please join us September 28, 2010 at 7pm Eastern as we begin to delve into the realm of creative photography and the slideshow.  Register before it’s too late! Seating is very limited on this show.
Ben Knorr