I’m Back – Rip Roarin & Ready to Roll

Fellow RTV providers I’m Back!

Greetings fellow RTV providers and friends from your friendly RTV lovin’ Nova Scotia virtual tours (http://www.supernovastudios.ca) provider, Nancy Bain!

I’ve missed you! If you’re following me on Facebook (http://facebook.com/virtualtourgenie) you’ve noticed that I sold my house, purchased an older home and have been straight out with renovations over the past month and a half. I have; of course, been selling some Nova Scotia virtual tours too! What many of you might have noticed is that all my blogging here at RTV has really paid off…BIGTIME!  I’m not on the first page of the SERPS for Nova Scotia Virtual Tours!!!

But what I haven’t had time for (unfortunately) were the webinars and keeping abreast of what RTV continually has to offer in technology and marketing presentations through Inner Circle Marketing.(highly recommended)

I’ve been plugging away, but yesterday was the first “real” day I had dedicated solely to “catching up”. I downloaded the last two episodes of The Formula and The Image, got my notebook ready and prepared to become informed. And WOW was I impressed with what RTV has been up to!

Not sure if you’ve bought it yet or not but the new Standalone HD Slideshow rocks my world! Lead generation, social media sharing, hit stats report, full screen, HD, MLS stats, full contact Realtor info, restricted links…the works! VERY NICE! And the icing on the cake is how EASY it is to prepare.  Gotta love RTV for making ME look good! My customers were so impressed with the slideshow they purchased another tour, blogged about their slideshow and were proud to present it to their home owner. Check it out: http://rtvpix.com/slideshow/1920

I started out flat on my back, laptop on my chest, bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine for a leisurely afternoon of webinar watching. Half way through the first webinar I was sitting straight up and at my desk. I forgot what it felt like to have the blood burst through my veins with fire for RTV. Renovating is fun, but RTV marketing is where it’s at for me.

I stayed up late, tailored a press release, updated my website http://www.supernovastudios.ca and designed a flyer. Today I uploaded the flyer to Scribd (http://www.scribd.com/doc/36807634/Supernova-Studios-Slideshow) sent out an email campaign, ordered 100 glossy flyers from Vistaprint and am blogging it up now!

That’s one webinar down. Three more to go. I can’t wait! Gonna be another late night and I’m ready!  Much love RTV, and thanks for keeping it goin’ (with a vengeance) for me while life got in the way of what I do best. You’ve got my back!

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