The FORMULA 35 | Effective Product Launching

Are you getting bogged down trying to keep your virtual tour company and customer base updated as technology changes and new technology becomes available? Launching new products and services can be a very challenging thing to coordinate especially if most of your day is eaten up by taking care of operations.

Websites need continual updating. Customers need to be informed. Marketing materials require updating and of course your press releases and blogs are commonplace when making announcements about your company. All this can become quite an overload especially when RTV is continually advancing the virtual tour software and making new strategic relationships with other companies.

Please join us on September 21st at 7:00 Eastern for a round table discussion on how to effectively launch new products and services for your property marketing company.

During the show we will be covering how to stay organized, write your press release, edit your website, blog
about your products, update your marketing materials, and notify your customer base.

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