Do You Have the Bends?



I really enjoyed a recent Image webinar. For so long now I have had the bends….see sample 1 and 3 above. No I don’t go deep sea diving, I go picture taking of large buildings, tall buildings with condos, and I end up with the bends, until last night. I have all these software programs to drag horizontal and vertical lines to straighten my images, but it is too frustrating to stay with them to complete the task. I just want my walls straight….can it be soooooo difficult? Not anymore! Last night I heard the words “Shift N”. I pressed “Shift N” on my keyboard…nothing…nada. So I Googled it and voila! I downloaded the ShiftN program. Ten minutes later I had straightened the earth, straightened out my teenage son, the dog etc. Look at the difference in sample 2 and 4 and all done automatically. Thanks so much!

I have downloaded all the webinar episodes so far. What a wealth of information! I’ve gradually integrated it into my marketing; I did the 12 week SEO course in two hours and I will revisit each week again asap. And all this is free!

I Googled a local Broker, Barbara Kestel recently. I keep her Superlative web site updated with her listings and I do some virtual tours for her. Based on RTV’s SEO course she is listed on the first page 3 or 4 times, with a link to a virtual tour and my website, and I haven’t implemented all of your tips yet! I think this is awesome. I look forward so much now to the webinars, even though the timing isn’t great for me, I make it to most of them.

Again many thanks,

Jim Griffin
LaVelle Studios LLC