Archive for September, 2010 is very please to now offer both HD Virtual tours and Property Slide Shows!
August 24, 2010 Knoxville, Tennessee and her surrounding areas —, a Knoxville, Tennessee real estate marketing services provider for the Knoxville and the surrounding communities is very proud to announce that we’re now providing Single-Property-Web-Sites with Big Screen HD Virtual Tours and Property Slide Shows.  These presentation upgrades ensures that Knoxtours.netwill continue to provide to all their clients the most competitive edge when marketing their property listings.

In 2009 over 85% of homebuyers first went to the Internet looking for property to purchase.  The Internet has given buyers more options in choosing who they will partner with when looking for property to purchase, the shift in the way all marketing is conducted today means the creation of a web site designed to make a great first impression is probably the most important marketing decision a business owner can make – your web site is the first connection– it’s a visual relationship, an impression of you as an agent, telling buyers what your real estate marketing is all about. offers professional photography and virtual tours, presented in a real estate marketing Single-Property-Web-Site presentation professionally designed to show your real estate listings in a manner that will make that great first impression.

Mike O’Neill, the owner and principal photographer with over 35 years of photography experience says: “We’re very excited to offer Single-Property-Web-Sites with Full Screen  HDVirtual Tours and Property Slide Shows to our clients.  We want to help them be successful, will only succeed when our clients succeed and with our presentations we really believe we can help agents show buyers that they can provide what customers need and will provide for them what they are looking for. uses the latest technology solutions and virtual tour software that enable our customers, by giving the highest quality, the most flexible technology solutions available. delivers quality. We save time. We save money. It’s that simple.”

Since 2004, Mike O’Neill has been involved in providing to real estate agents professional photography and marketing services. The summer of 2007 began providing to the Knoxville area real estate agents powerful Single-Property-Web-Sites and Marketing presentations– designed to keep real estate agents ahead of their competition with agent & company branded contact information, photos, and company logo, we also include, a non-branded web site for MLS, and we provide linked connections to the internet’s most popular social networks we also include auto posting to Twitter and Facebook listings, and even distribution to and, also, weekly reports, emailed directly to the agent, providing graphical illustrations showing the results of their property marketing efforts, all this and fast download times, with tours and images downloadable for emailing or burnable to a CD.

Knoxtours.netis leading the way in the Knoxville area with the latest innovations in Internet marketing implementations designed by RealTourVision.  Everything is designed to distinguish your property from all the others.

Contact Mike O’Neillfor more information or to place an order. guarantees that we will do everything possible to ensure that your finished product will meet all of your needs.

Please Contact us:
Mike O’Neill
Knoxville Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour – 865-688-1030

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And so is our feed for the slideshow just in case you missed that update two weeks ago.

Check out a live running hit report here:

Which belongs to this HD Slideshow:

Our new Hit Reporting system went live yesterday morning for the Standalone Slideshow Module.  To access hit reports on any of your slideshows simply login to your

Click on the Standalone Slideshows button

Select one of your slideshows and click on reports.  You can view your report on this page and email your customer the link too.  The auto email portion should be wrapped up this week allowing you to have our system automatically email your report off to your customer for you on a weekly basis.

If you have a slideshow that was not created via our standalone slideshow module you can feel free to use the main hit report link: and replace the slideshow number with the number on your HD slideshow.  This feature however is not yet currently supported by RTV.

For those of you eager to push your standalone HD slideshows to simply follow the steps above to access your standalone slideshows and use the deliverables page to send to

If you have not yet purchased the new HD Slideshow Module you can still create HD slideshows for all of your virtual tours when you consume a virtual tour credit. You can manually check hit reports using the method above.  You will however not be able to push to your slideshow links to unless your using the standalone slideshow module. 

Purchasing the HD Slideshow module from RTV grants you the ability to create unlimited HD slideshows with unlimited scenes, push any of your standalone slideshows to and take advantage of automated weekly hit reports.  The cost for our standalone slideshow module is currently selling at $249/year and will most likely be increasing before the year is out. Those who purchase at this rate will be locked in at this price annually. Our introductory rate of $249 is on a per user basis.  Real estate brokerages and teams please call for volume pricing.

Enjoy the new technology and get ready for our new ONLINE TOUR BUILDER 4.0 Virtual Tour Software

See you on our next show!

866-947-8687 Ext 4

PS. Got friends using competing technology? Did you know that when you convert someone to RTV we pay 20% sales commissions on those customers for life?

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Alamo Area Virtual Tours, has taken the Stand Alone SlideShow to its customers and it has been very well received.  What I’ve found is that the new Standalone Slideshow from RTV is a HUGE success among the agents out there feeling the ‘pinch’ of the economic downturn and have contracted their marketing spending. The good news is that while this bunch is waiting and hoping for the next Real Estate Boom they’re still willing to spend money on technology. Their just a little more price sensitive than before.

So now with this new product I going across town telling them that I have something that ‘may’ fit their budget. That’s where the stand alone slideshow comes into play. My pricing is:  up to 30 do-it-yourself high def digital shots sent to me and I process: $35   I do the shoot: $55  All virtual tours, other than the basic (4 spins and 10 stills), receive an HD Slideshow as well. 

This has been a great marketing tool. For those of you that have not seen this puppy here’s an example of a standalone slideshow that was recently done: and here is the new slideshow hit report that is getting released by RTV tomorrow! On many of my exterior shots and ALL of my front elevation shots, I ‘exposure fusion’ them using Photomatix Pro3 and get outstanding results!  I have tried HDR but as Mike said, it sometimes seems too much. 

Nevertheless, I can’t tell all of you enough that if you have not taken RTV up on the $249 unlimited HD Slideshows /year deal, you are letting Gold slip through your fingers.

I just finished one of my tours for one of my clients that I hadn’t had a tour order from in about 6 months and he exclaimed how much better it had become since the last virtual tour. The response was, ‘That tour & slideshow are great’ with an exclamation at the end!!!!

JIm Hoback
Alamo Area Virtual Tours
San Antonio Virtual Tour Company
Order a virtual tour: 210-325-2675    

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It’s time to get CREATIVE. Let out your inner artistic photographer and get your photography to sell the new RTV HD Slideshow.  We have had an incredible response to the new HD slideshow. Customers and providers alike love the look, the features, the transitions, etc. The new standalone slide show offers a whole new world of photography options. With primarily still photography in the slideshow we need to grab the attention of the viewer so it’s time to get creative.
No longer are we bound to just capturing the views and amenities that a property has to offer. Now it is time to capture the heart of the viewer with photography that entices, intrigues, and touches the senses with art and appeal.  Please join us September 28, 2010 at 7pm Eastern as we begin to delve into the realm of creative photography and the slideshow.  Register before it’s too late! Seating is very limited on this show.
Ben Knorr

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What good is getting a virtual tour from anyone if it is not seen by the largest audience possible? A Big reason home sellers use a listing agent to sell their home is to get that maximum exposure only a listing agent can bring to the table. At BlueLaVaMedia, a Traverse City Virtual Tour Company, our virtual tour and listing exposure is so far ahead of our competition that you will be amazed at the traffic you’re getting when your weekly hit reports come in.  We even send hot leads your way as your listings generate questions and comments from interested parties!!

We’re not done yet because our new 2011 Exposure Engine is fully compatible with iPhones, iPads, and any other web-based SmartPhone! We’ll also toss in our E-Flyer so you can easily share listing details and your tour with prospects. The E-Flyer is an HTML email-ready flyer that our customers can easily send out to prospects anytime they wish. You can preview a sample E-FlyerHERE.

The Exposure Engine allows real estate agents and local business owners to do what they do best and that is list homes, sell homes, and conduct everyday business while not getting their hands dirty with the online promotion of their listings and products. That’s where we come in.

When you order our new 2011 Exposure Engine your listing & tour will appear on Craigslist, Googlebase, Trulia, Zillow, YouTube, AOL Video,FaceBook, Google Video, Oodle, Lycos, Local, Hot Pads, Vast, Properazzi, Dot Homes and more!  Listings pushed to our exposure engine receive on average 40% MORE viewings than those that are not. We even keep your listing refreshed and updated until your listing is sold!
Sample some of our recent virtual tours with iPad & SmartPhone Support here:

Thanks for your continued support!

Team BlueLaVaMedia
TC Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour today- 231-946-1360

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