RTV Virtual Tour provider Sites 2.0

Coming soon, the new provider Site 2.0 Upgrade! The upgrade will be rolled out in two phases. First will be a program very similar to the Agent Program for new providers to get, then a little while after that we will begin automatically upgrading the existing providers into the new 2.0 Upgrade. You will be individually notified when it’s your turn for the upgrade.

The beauty of the 2.0 Program Upgrade is that you, as our provider customers, will have the same site management capabilities as the Agent Site Program provides, with two real differences. Your site will automatically populate the virtual tours you shoot, not just to the agents’ sites that you shoot them for, but to your site as well. No more uploading little images and linking them to your tours. It will all be done for you automatically. Yeah!!!

The second thing is that we have decided to maintain the current templates being offered in the provider Site Program, which would mean that your site would appear to the public to not change even though your management capabilities would get a massive overhaul. We’ve ALSO decided to create new templates similar to the templates offered in the Agent Sites Program. This means that when your site rolls over to the new upgrade you can keep it’s same look, or change it to any of the new or old templates that you’d like. You asked for it, we listened!

Thanks everyone!

Team RTV
Virtual Tour Software