RTV HD Slideshow is First in Class

The RTV HD Slideshow module is first in class. It is built using the very latest flash based engine, it loads at impressively timely speeds, and displays full screen HD images with grace and elegance. With the ever growing demand for professional photography the need to have those photos displayed in a uniquely impressive format has never been greater.

With RTV, every time you create an interactive Virtual Tour, you can also create an HD Slideshow for that same property / address.  Feel free to use the same images as your HD virtual tour or select up to 30 additional HD images not already in your virtual tour. Using our built in smart uploader you can literally point to any image or set of images on your computer and batch upload, resize and compress for fast creation and delivery time.  

We also about to release our all new Standalone Slideshow Module as an add-on to your virtual tour business which will allow you to create unlimited HD slideshows with unlimited scenes.  How’s that for opening up additional revenue streams for your property marketing business!

Thanks RTV!
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