Making an RTV HD Slideshow is a Snap!

This month’s tech tip pertains to the new RTV HD Slideshow.  This amazing new option has already become very popular with our providers and their clients.

Below is terminology that will help you along the way:

Ken Burns – Ken Burns is a documentary director and cinematographer. The “Ken Burns effect” is the slow zooming in and zooming out of still photography to portray a sense of motion. When Ken Burns is selected for a slideshow it creates an interesting effect for still pictures where the photos randomly zoom in and out.

Pano- A selection used to play a scene as a panorama so it scrolls from left to right.

Fit Long – The photo is cropped so that the entire width of the photo is displayed in the viewer. Some height may be lost.

Fit Short – The photo’s smaller side, generally the height, is shown completely and the width of the photo may be cropped or have a blank border on the right and left sides. For still photos you are most likely to see the whole photo using this setting but it will not fill the screen.

Below are the directions to add a slideshow to an existing virtual tour.

1.  Log into TMS

2.  Locate Tour

3.  Click Pencil icon

4.  Click Slideshow – There will be a pause while the images load. Important – Be sure to create the slideshow after you have added HD images if you are including them in the tour, otherwise the low resolution images will be in the slideshow.
On the left all your pans and stills from the tour will be listed.

5.  Click Move All to Slideshow to add all the scenes to the slideshow. The title and Spinfo will be brought over also.
If you want to only add certain scenes then drag those scenes onto the gray area on the right and drop them in.
Once you have all your desired scenes from the tour in the slideshow you can choose to upload more scenes from your computer (up to 30).

6.  Click Upload and browse to your folder of images. If your images are over 1080 pixels high then we will automatically resize them, compress them, and sharpen them. If you do not want that done then make sure they are under 1080 pixels high!

7.  Highlight the image(s) and click Open – The more you select the longer it will take to upload. There will be an indicator showing you the upload status on the right. Any uploaded image will default to the Ken Burns effect. If you upload pans you will need to change them to Pano under Select Type above the image name. You can also choose to set all the scenes to the same effect next to Set All Types in the upper right of the screen.

These uploaded images will appear on the right with your selected scenes from the tour. You can rename them if you wish or add Spinfo.

8.  Once you have the scenes you want in the slideshow you can drag and drop them around on the right to change the order.

9.  Once you are done click the Continue button.

10. On the next page you will see your agent info on the left. This is carried over from the tour.  On the left are the slideshow colors. The colors are carried over from the tour as well. Type in the code for a color if you wish to change it or click on a box to change that color. A color picker will open. You can use the slider in the middle to choose a general color and then pick up the small round circle in the color area on the left to fine tune the color. Once you have the color click on the ‘rainbow’ dot in the lower right and the color will be added. Once you are done click Continue.

11. This page will have a View button in the upper right so you can immediately view the slideshow. If you have changes to make you would click the slideshow button again and make your changes. This last page will also show a standalone URL. Copy and paste this if you need it or it will be in the Deliverables.

12. Go into the Buttons editor and put a dot in Yes for the slideshow and click Save at the bottom of the page.

You are done!!

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Thanks for your continued support and dedication to our product line!

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