Living the Dream

Owning my own profitable business has been a dream of mine for a very long time.  I  guess it is difficult to be in the field of Architecture and not have an entrepreneurial spirit.   I’ve completed a few residential construction document packages (“blueprints”) while I was working for various architecture firms over the last 15 years, but as you might suspect- it’s difficult to find time to design and draw side projects for your clients, when you’re designing and drawing for your boss’ clients 40-50 hours per week… (Did I mention rush hour traffic in Los Angeles?)

Then along comes a little thing called The Recession.  Small firms closed and large firms laid-off 20 employees at a time.  My income dropped from $1,000 per week to spending my retirement to applying for welfare, while I was appealing the determination that somehow I wasn’t eligible for unemployment insurance.
But I was always resourceful and had a strong determination and work ethic.

Looking back, I graduated from The University of Southern California with a B.S. in Architecture and Urban Planning.  I was a founding member of the student chapter of The National Organization of Minority Architects (  I have sold Amway products (You would be amazed how much a business that doesn’t work can teach you about business). I have taken marketing classes for entrepreneurs, written my own contracts, and designed my logo (an abstraction of a road to infinity).

I attended Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad” Real Estate Investing 3-day crash course & made my business an LLC.  I started taking my Architectural Registration Exams (ARE) and joined and The Real Estate Investment Club of L.A.  My LA Virtual Tour Business is a culmination of all these experiences.

I’d just like to thank the staff at Real Tour Vision, for providing the opportunity, support and education to bring this dream to reality.

Duane Williams, President
Urban Design Studios, LLC
Real Estate Marketing, Virtual Tours & Renderings,
Building Information Modeling & Construction Documents