Hotel Photography Rock Stars

On August 17th RTV is hosting a very important webinar. This webinar will be hosting some of RTV’s most prominent Hotel Photography Rock Stars.  These rock stars are RTV virtual tour providers that consistently “Rock the Shoot” for our several hundred Hotel virtual tour orders that come through the system.

We are featuring four amazingly accomplished photographers who will share their tried and true techniques as well as be available to answer all of your burning questions.  In fact, we are asking you to take some time and email Jacque AT realtourvision DOT com some of your questions about hotel virtual tour shooting techniques in advance so that the guest photographers will be ready with all the answers.

So be sure to save the date and get your pad and pen ready for August 17th, 7pm Eastern.  Be there or be square! Reserve Your Seat Now – Register inside of this month’s RTV newsletter

Thanks everyone and good luck rocking that shoot!
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