Can you do the “Splits”?

Next greatest thing to sliced bread!  That is ‘SLICED MONITOR’     Perhaps I’m talking to the choir here, but I just discovered a super way to work on my San Antonio virtual tours and also will be good for the new RTV HD Slideshows. I bought a used 32” flat screen TV (cost at $200) and it was refurbished. Got it at a TV repair shop. Hooked it up via HDMI to my laptop and went into controls (in Vista its personalization) and expanded the screen to number two screen. 

Now I can work the virtual tour workup on the one screen and on the laptop I have the source pictures folder open.  This keeps me from having to minimize, open, close, etc, etc all the time. Also I proof my panos with the exported HD images and the 32” screen really allows me to QC carefully and to see the small infractions. It also helps in touch-ups using photo shop 6.  It really saves a lot of time!!  Now for the slideshows, well, if you check  it out, you can have a virtual tour showing on one screen and a slide show on another.  Great for those trade shows.  The other plus caveat to all this is the TV is cabled in and I only need switch the source to get the cable TV feed and watch what I watch, w/o having to crane my neck or go to the other room to see what’s on, you know, the weather,  NATGEO, Animal Planet, etc. 

Good luck out there! See you on the RTV webinar tomorrow night!

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