Tour Builder 4.0 Online – Are You Ready?

We are getting very close to the release of the next version of Tour Builder.  This new Tour Builder 4.0 Online virtual tour software will be an online application offering numerous amazing features.  With the new Tour Builder software, all panorama stitching will be done directly in the photo stitching program of your choice.  The images will then be uploaded to the new online tour building interface.

Now is the perfect time to start practicing how to stitch directly in Panavue. This way you will be up and running efficiently when our new virtual tour software is released. If you are not sure how to stitch directly in Panavue then watch the IMAGE webinar Speed Stitching or the end of the IMAGE webinar HD Tours Step by Step.  We will also have a set of written directions in pdf format for you to download soon.

To access the webinars everyone can log into the virtual tour marketing website for free and access the Business Resource Center through the BRC button at the top of the website.  Once you are on the main page of the Business Resource Center you will see a button on the left hand side of the website for the IMAGE webinars. 

Click on that button and you will be taken to the download page where you can click to download any and all of the IMAGE webinars.

Good Luck out there!

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