Selling Jersey Shore Virtual Tours

Being in a New Jersey shore resort area, the summer presents both an amazing opportunity and a challenge. Most of the business owners are extremely busy with tourists. Too busy, sometimes, to break for a sales pitch. However, as soon as I mention virtual tours, they stop in their tracks and listen.

It seems that everyone wants to hear about my Jersey Shore virtual tours because it’s a fairly new technology. And, since most businesses now have websites, the owners consider speaking with me a chance to gain insight into an advancement that their competitors may be utilizing. No smart businessman wants to be left behind or miss out on an opportunity to maximize their sales. And, even if I don’t make a sale on the spot, I know that I have planted a seed.

Recently, I was shooting a motel virtual tour that has a cafe. While I was spinning the cafe, another motel owner from across the street was eating breakfast. The lady was very interested in what I was doing photographing the cafe. I explained to her that I have a company,, that does virtual tours for the New Jersey shore area. She asked me for a business card and some information. Luckily, I had a little introductory brochure in my camera bag. She was quite shocked that her friend and fellow business owner hadn’t mentioned that she was having a virtual tour done. Now, I’ve had magnetic car sign made so that everyone knows a virtual tour is being made when I’m on-site.

Joseph Lake
Virtual Jersey Shore