RTV Makes a Difference

It’s easy to tell the difference when you are dealing with a large company, such as RTV, as opposed to a company that only offers virtual tour software. When you need direction, as I often do, there is a network of knowledgeable people to reach out to and find the answers. There’s never a “You’re bothering me” type of attitude from anyone that works for RTV.

I recently launched the virtual tour company, www.virtualjerseyshore.com, after years of managing companies for other people. As most know, owning your own business is a lot different than working for someone else because the success or failure of the company rests mostly on your own shoulders. However, with RTV there is someone to share the pressure of knowing all the right answers.

Ben, Jason, Eve, and all the rest of the RTV staff are fast to offer help or direct you towards the answer you need. And, each staff member has their own specialty. Jason is there for help in running you virtual tour business. Ben is excellent in offering knowledge and help with photography issues. Eve is tirelessly helpful in getting you accurate information. Everyone at RTV has been very helpful. And, it doesn’t stop there. I’ve reached out to other RTV providers and they are just as eager to help in any way they can. It’s nice to know that you’re in business for yourself, but you still have the support system of a large company…and, it helps makes www.virtualjerseyshore.com the best virtual tour company in all of southern New Jersey.

Joseph Lake
Virtual Jersey Shore