RTV Launches New HD Slide Show Module

Today RTV launched our brand new Flash Based High Definition (HD) Slide Show Player as a FREE add on to any existing RTV Hosted Interactive Virtual Tour.

View Sample HD Slide Shows now!




Later next week the Stand-Alone HD Slide Show Module will be released allowing all RTV virtual tour providers the ability to create slide shows independently of their V-Tours for a small fee much less than that of a virtual tour credit.

Many of the original RTV Virtual Tour Providers remember the very first RTV slide show 1.0 from five years ago. It did the job, but the time for a complete overhaul of the player was imminent. The new technology allows for a much easier expansion and adoption of enhancements and is quite elegant looking in appearance.

Download our instructions right here and see how easy it is to make an HD RTV Slide Show!

Within one hour of the HD Slide Show being launched, over 100 brand new slide shows were created. The new slide show uses a very simple, user friendly slide show creator which automatically pulls images directly from the interactive 360 virtual tour.  The interface is so user friendly that everyone already knows how to use it even though they’ve never actually used it before. Finally the new RTV Batch Uploader allows all RTV virtual tour providers to batch upload any number of HD images to their slide show at once rather than having to select the images individually. The auto scaler and sizer built into the system re-sizes and scales the images for fastest load time. Best of all, the new HD Slide Show player will display panos from the 360 virtual tour, play an embedded video file, track hits, can be shared on social sites and with friends, and tracks hits. 

A very big thanks for those of you who have given us your continued support and business over the years. We love returning the favor in being able to offer you continual new technology, enhancements, talk shows, virtual tour leads, and of course an ever growing supply of national account dispatches.

Enjoy RTV!
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