RealTourVision – It’s The Real Deal

Team RTV provides their providers with many things, support, educational virtual tour webinars, marketing materials and much more.  Just last week I was out introducing myself and my Monroe Michigan virtual tour company, to my local real estate agents and businesses, upon returning home I found a message on my machine (I find when I leave home good thing happen).

It was Jacque at RTV; she said that she had a lead for me.  Now that’s exactly what I needed after spending a long day looking for new virtual tour business! She said that she had received an inquiry from a realtor 45 minutes from my location and that I was the closest provider and was I interested. Well, I didn’t have to think twice, I took down the name and number and immediately called.  I got an answer, introduced myself and asked if there was a specific listing in mind, and if so, what was the sq. ft. and location of the home.

I then told her that her that her listing qualified for the Tours D’ Force Standard Package and further explained that I have several virtual tour packages and that this packaged fit the bill.  She agreed, and I got job.  But wait that’s not all, after completing the virtual tour and delivering the finished product I (and also RTV) did our routine follow-up. I thanked her for her business and asked how her how her tour was etc..  Her response to me and also to RTV was “the tour was GREAT and I plan on doing a lot more”.  Not only did I get the tour, but I now have reoccurring client.  Now that’s a Real Deal!

RTV works for me.  Send me more!!

Hal Holubik
Tours D’ Force
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