Ok Dale…What’s Your Secret?

We recently asked Dale Hart what his secret is for consistently “Rocking the Shoot”. Here is his reply:

“LOL, Oh I don’t know, let me see, Hmmm, maybe it’s 30 years experience much of that in the very demanding market of NYC. Maybe it’s just taking my time to get the best angle and exposure, Maybe it’s my Canon equipment. Canon Rules!  Nikon Drools… LOL.  But seriously, I think the big KEY is taking the time to do a CUSTOM white balance every time and when ever the dominant or combinations of light sources changes.

For instance a very dark room without much daylight coming in, your dominant light source will be your flash unit. A large dining room with florescent lights, daylight coming in plus your flash unit is going to create a different color on the camera sensor so a new white balance needs to be calibrated. The pre-set white balances or automatic whit balance just doesn’t cut in the Professional world. Also, I find the proper custom white balance also makes it easier to get the proper exposure.”

— Dale Hart
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