It’s a Brave New World With RTV

Surviving and thriving in a Different World …Tours D’ Force a Lenawee County Virtual Tour Company. There’s a revolution underway…. In the way we connect, get information, and entertain ourselves… Where are people going today for information and personal connections?  Online!  Let’s face it, in the future you will either follow or lead, Real Tour Vision has chosen to lead the revolution.  RTV is the world leader in virtual tour software and #1 Ranked virtual tour company on the internet.  Tours D’ Force is following RTV lead and is proud to say that the technology that they use is engineered in Michigan by RTV, the most established virtual tour company in the industry.

Our state of the art interactive virtual tour technology features a variety of custom options and unique features never before offered in the Southern Michigan market.

All of our products were designed with the highest standards of quality in mind, fastest delivery time and maximum listing exposure. The time to leave a lasting impression online and offline is now more important than ever. Welcome to INNOVATION INSANITY!

I’m sure we all agree that innovation is the only way to thrive in today’s global economy. We’re talking basically anything that will add value and improve quality for our customers. Innovation is not just about coming up with new ideas and products—it’s also about changes that lead to growth and differentiation.
Today the process of selling a home has moved beyond the simple “For Sale” sign.  Both buyers and sellers have demanded a more comprehensive approach that is in step with today’s technology. 

And at Real Tour Vision it’s INNOVATION INSANITY, their distributors have the tools, technology, inspiration, and education in the evolution of new products, methods, and enhancements = innovation as a mindset, and we’d like to add to the conversation with examples of our powerful marketing tools. There are many of ’em.

Here how we will differentiate your property online and offline:
1.  First of all, we use a professional photography that will showcase your property in the best light.  Crisp, clear daytime images, elevated shots, and nighttime photography capture the true feeling of your property.

2.  Virtual tours allow potential buyers to privately walk through your home on their own time without any inconvenience to you.  Online virtual tours are rapidly becoming the avenue for home shoppers to view properties and services before actually visiting.  Our virtual tours not only connect buyers to your home or business but with the community surrounding it.  They contain local city and school information as well as maps of the area.

3.  2D and 3D floor plans can be easily coupled with still photos so that prospective buyers can view dimensions and actual images at the same time. 

4.  Panoramic sign riders placed beneath you’re for sale sign highlight key photographs inside while providing an internet address for buyers to visit.

5.  Text Connect technology provides instant information to interested clients.  Buyers simply text specified number and instantly detailed property information is sent directly to their phone.  This amazing technology captures the moment of curiosity and is quickly going to become the norm. 

6. Virtual home tour CD’s make sharing your home or business offline incredibly simple. 

7.  Online exposure to nearly 100 of the Nation’s largest real estate portal sites such as Google base, Craigslist, YouTube, Trulia, Zillow, Facebook and more.

8.  Virtual home staging will take any unfurnished room and stage it to your taste and style.  You’re able to choose the furniture from our online furniture library. We all know that a staged home shows better than an empty home.

9.  Integrated social bookmarking with just one click, your virtual tour can be submitted to popular social bookmarking and networking sites such as: Digg, Delicious, Furl, Facebook, FriendFeed, MySpace, BackFlip, Linkedin, Reddit, Twiter, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Mixx and Bebo.  Now you, your customers, and their friends can bookmark your virtual tours.

10. HD full screen virtual tours transform the typical interactive virtual tour to something quite spectacular.  Our new HD experience literally makes your audience feel like they are standing right in the room!

11. Social ignition system, social networking, blogging, social bookmarking, and link building training is here. Times are quickly changing and once again you need to do the same, now you can sign up for our FREE Social Ignition Course and learn all these hot topics.

12. Agent virtual tour website and FREE agent listing gallery pages with the purchase of your very first virtual tour we create an online gallery that will display ALL of your virtual tour listings that you carry with us.  When your home sells we even mark those properties as sold. You can easily link your virtual tour gallery onto your website so visitors can view all of your virtual tour listings.

13. Virtual tour traffic reporting show not only where virtual tour views are coming from but they also display which scenes from within the tours are being viewed the most. The traffic reporting system will tell you where your marketing dollars are best spent. Most importantly, the traffic reports will automatically be sent to you once a week for your review.

14. E-Flyer is an HTML email-ready flyer that our customers can easily send out to prospects anytime they wish. You can preview a sample E-Flyer HERE.

15. Smart phone tours all real estate agents and business owners to carry with them at all times, their virtual tour on their cell phones for an on-demand preview. Check one out HERE

16. Virtual tour portal site blog posting. Don’t have time to blog your tours, no problem.  Every new virtual tour completed gets published to a blog portal which allows home shoppers, locals and literally any internet visitor to preview your entire virtual tour inventory with the click of a mouse.

17. Home/Business owner FREE CD gift with the purchase of any virtual tour we will program, burn and mail a CD sales presentation thank you gift directly to the home seller as a gift on your behalf. When placed into any CD or DVD ROM drive the presentation will begin. Your photo, contact information, a thank you message and a link to the virtual tour are displayed and at no extra cost to you.

18. Instant storefront when you order a virtual tour you can add storefront capabilities to any website or blog with just a few lines of code. It’s simple with RTV’s new “Alternate Linking Options” you can simply add your virtual tour Embed Code to any web page which will then displays brightly lit store that provides customers with an engaging and fluid shopping experience.

19. Agent site program, you can now have your own totally manageable website that automatically populates the tours that we shoot for you right into your website.

20. Agent listing presentation burn to a mini round presentation disc is unique because they are compact and easily passed along to others. Soon the seller’s friends, neighbors, and family will have the right impression about your professionalism and use of cutting edge marketing and technology.

21. With Voice Over you can personalize each tour further by having your voice or a professional voice on your tour. Guide your potential buyers or customers from the foyer to the veranda – from the cardio room to the locker room, highlighting the custom features along the way that may otherwise get overlooked. Customize the text of each tour to interact specifically with your needs.

INNOVATION INSANITY!  There will never be a shortage of smart new ideas, products, and services that deliver on consumers’ wants and needs from RTV. INNOVATION INSANITY is upon us. So yes, were innovative and ahead of the game, ….. and that’s where we’ll remain. In
I hope that we have inspired you to innovate, this was a country that made beautiful things and so it is again.  RTV does it right and you can too!
RTV & Tours D’ Force will continue to work hard to be your #1 Source for  all your  property marketing  needs, providing you with only the best innovative products, services, and experiences for you (or even better, with) your customers. We stand fast, and are dedicated in helping you to stay ahead of your competition and look your best in today’s… and tomorrow’s market.

Contact me today so I can customize a marketing approach that is as unique as your listings or business.

Innovation: not just R&D labs, and not necessarily expensive
A couple more thoughts on innovation:
•    Innovation is not just about people in R&D labs taking the internet pulse. “Real” innovation does not happen haphazardly or sporadically within organizations. “Real” innovation is accomplished consistently and systematically, given the true voice of the customer and a process for delivering solutions.  Most important, innovation involves the taking of the work of an individual (or team) of inventors and taking it to a broader audience.
•    Trying or starting something new doesn’t have to cost you and arm and a leg. Many of the innovations featured in this blog post are FREE; while the others are very cost effective, give as a call and you’ll be amassed!  Keep innovating!  You can be everything in your life—just not all at once.

Hal Holubik
Tours D’ Force
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