The FSBO Challenge

The Challenges that (FSBO’s) for sale by owners face!

In a 2006 National Association of Realtors survey, only 7% of sellers actually sell their homes without a licensed broker. The Challenges are many for the owners attempting to sell their own homes with very few benefits, from preparing the home, marketing, and handling the negotiations, the home owner will have many tasks to accomplish with which they may not be familiar. The owner must research and over-come the hurdles to be successful.

First and foremost, when an owner sells the home the realtor commission fees are nonexistent, which can add up to a substantial amount depending on the price of the home.  Another benefit is the vested interest the owner has in the sale of the home. The benefits of setting their own schedule for showings and openly negotiating with potential buyer without the hassle of sending paperwork back and forth with the realtor seems a little less daunting.

Marketing the home can be challenging for sale by owners (FSBO’s) simply because they do not have access to the multiple listing service (MLS) that licensed agents use to share listings and match buyers. Here at Tulsa Eagle Eye Virtual Tours we are able to assist (FSBO’s) by providing this service for a small reasonable fee as well as a single property website to advertise the home which will give you the exposure that you will need in order to present your home to potential buyers. We will post your home online with a beautiful 360 virtual tour displaying your homes beauty with professional photographs from an expert photographer.

We can provide you with all the tools needed to personally network and advertise your home to lead to the sale.A virtual tour is an online open house, so preparing the home for the virtual tour is very important.  As a home owner you will need to keep the home clean and clutter-free, making your home sparkle and shine for all potential buyers.

To increase your home’s value you will need to follow a few simple and easy steps. You can find these steps and tips on our website to help you look your very best and help impress those potential buyers, so please visit; Tulsa Eagle Eye Virtual Tours for our suggested preparations.

If you are a (FSBO) that hopes to sell a home without the help of a broker or realtor you will face more work than you might think, let us help you eliminate some of the marketing task with a virtual tour that will turn heads and make your home and property stand out against all the competition online.

Start today to ensure your success by using a virtual tour company that you can count on that has been using RTV virtual tour software technology that has been in the industry from the start, and the virtual tour company that has the systems in place to make you look your very best, drive more traffic to your property for that potential sale while spending less.

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