The FORMULA 32 – The Making & Marketing of HD Slideshows

So you’ve been playing around with the new RTV HD Slideshow Module and now you’re ready to start pushing product out to your customer base.  Please join us on August 3rd at 7:00 Eastern for The FORMULA 32 – The Making and Marketing of RTV HD Slideshows. Register now in your TMS.

I will be accompanied by Torie Hermel, head of technical support here at RTV.  She will be kicking off the show and going through the HD Slideshow creation process step by step and pointing out power functions along the way.  During the second half of the show I will be talking about the ways in which you can market this exciting new product, how you might consider pricing a full service and self service slide show and more. 

Sample some HD Slideshows:

Finally, I’ll also be addressing RTV Slideshow pricing, terms and describe to you in full the difference between our RTV HD Slideshow and the new Standalone RTV Slideshow module which allows you to produce unlimited slideshows with unlimited scenes. Sign up now in your TMS.

See you on the show and be sure to bring your employees!



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