Enhance Your Bottom….Line

Made you look twice didn’t I? AlamoAreaVirtualTours.com  knows that advertising can be expensive for us small virtual tour businesses. We all agree on that.  That is one reason for social networking as we find that opens doors that even advertising won’t open. However, if you have forgotten, we as RTV providers have a unique way of helping others advertise at a phenomenally low cost and be effective. 

As you well know there is a section in your TMS called affiliates where you can put small banners on each virtual tour that you make. I see that some virtual tour providers in the RTV network use them better than others. It has been recommended that there be no more than 8 affiliates for a virtual tour, depending on the length of the virtual tour. (Obviously you want all affiliates to cycle through at least once.) Each showing is about three seconds.

These affiliate slots are not simply a small banner on the tour, but they are eye catching as they blink on and off. That may be good for the affiliate to be advertising, but how does that help your bottom line?  Simply sell those slots! San Antonio Virtual tours Real Estate support elements i.e. home inspectors, A/C repairmen, remodelers, and the list goes on,  are happy to get a slot for $5 or $10 dollars knowing they’ll be seen every time a tour is viewed.  Just add each advertiser to your hit report so they can see the traffic on the tours they advertise on.

Remember that the affiliate slot is a click to link to their website. When a viewer mouses over, the name of the company shows and a click takes them there.  I have found those businesses are happy for such advertising at such a cheap cost to such a targeted audience. First check and get approval from your customer to allow affiliates. What I do is split the fees. That can cut the cost significantly for the customer and bring in more cash for you the provider. Don’t discount this till you try it!!!  It works for me and it can work for you. Listen to Suzanne and get out of your comfort zone!

James F. Hoback
L’oeil L’Esprit (Mind’s Eye)
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