Don’t Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Recently I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease which is an autoimmune genetic disease.  Luckily, this disease can only be treated with one very potent drug….food.  There is no Chemotherapy, there are no potent drugs with side effects.  However, I have noticed that because my food choices have become more limited – no items with gluten (bread, cake, pasta…and hidden gluten in everyday processed foods), that in order to be SAFE, I stick with the same food choices.  Every day I eat the same breakfast, the same lunch and basically the same dinner.  Boring, but safe.   In reality, there are many foods, food substitutes and great new choices for me to make.  However, recently my family challenged me to spread my wings and try new things .  I have discovered Almond Bread, Pumpkin Bread, Rice based Pastas and Pizza and many new foods.

How does this relate to RTV, Virtual Tour Software, Virtual Tours and business in General.  We become safe in our choices.  First out of fear of not knowing how to integrate new things, and then we find a comfort zone.  I want to challenge every RTV provider to get out of the rut and try something new.  

Each and every one of you knows how to use your pano head and camera by now.  Most of you only use it to take Virtual Tours of homes.  Here is a great suggestion to have some fun with the Pano Head and break out of the comfort zone.

Take the pano head and camera on vacation.  Try shooting  a few virtual tours of the beach, of the hotel and of  your hotel rooms (great practice for tour tracks).  Take virtual tours of street fairs or natural landmarks. 

When you get home, add your stills of your vacation and create a Virtual Tour or a new RTV HD Slideshow of your vacation.  It only costs you one tour credit (You can earn this credit by blogging with RTV or various other incentives that they always offers).  Then share the tour with family and friends, share on facebook, through a personal website, through the various social networking sites to which you belong.

Aside from a great way to document and share your vacation, what does this accomplish for business:

1.    You can see how the pano head functions in locations that might require real tours – i.e. hotels, museums, iconic landmarks or parks, cities, stores, etc.  And, you have built a virtual tour showing your skills to share with a potential client.

2.    It expands your comfort zone to new areas that you can photograph.  You have the practice on your own photos rather than a clients photos and you can see your success.

3.    You widen your horizons  and begin to think outside the box.

Hope to see you outside the COMFORT ZONE and if you ever invite me to dinner, remember I am gluten –free!

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