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Setting here by the lake at our vacation rental, watching my children eating ice cream, in these sunny days of summer here in South Central Michigan is the type of joy shared by many who have the security of owning their own home, “The American Dream”. Today’s economy, with the talk of foreclosures, the necessity of refinancing, the possibility of your interest rates on your mortgage increasing, the cost of insurance rising, and even  having to put a “For Sale” sign; presents a dilemma.  How do I sell my home fast?  Who do I ask for help?  Do I use a realtor?  How do I get my home sold FAST?

Powerplaymmp in partnership with RTV virtual tours can present your property in a manner that entice your customers to stay and look at your website longer, and provide the tools necessary for them to make a more educated decision.  Along with the built-in marketing tools, our South Central Michigan virtual tours will get your property in front of potential buyers faster.

Usually, my blog content consists of commenting on someone else’s blog.  To actually write one, takes a little more effort.  But sure, I know how.  Don’t I?  So the first thing to do is google “how to write a blog”, then I gather guidelines from different social networks (at least review them), add relative keywords and make sure I use the keywords everyone is search for this week.

Okay, now I know how, what keywords to use and I even have a topic.  I just have to come up with a meaningful reason for my blog and present it in a humorous manor.  Since I do virtual tours, my objective is to convince a person they need a virtual tour. According to a blog alert I received, this morning from a friend on LinkedIn : Based on yesterday’s HubSpot webinar, I’d include the constant development of humorous content that includes topics of ice cream, sex, animals, and babies and I would post it on Saturday.

Considering my distaste for long articles and the fact that I usually deliver the straight line, and once I got past the fact that sex is also a noun, I think I haven’t done too badly.

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