Virtual Tour Photography Challenges

As Pittsburgh Virtual Tour Photographer, there are always challenges when photographing a home for a virtual tour. There’s the tree that has branches hanging in front of your shot and you’re neither tall enough or short enough to shoot around it.  Or there is a clothes line in bright orange that drapes dramatically in front of your house, or the car parked just so you can see the edge of it in your camera lens.

Inside the house, if you’re lucky, the homeowners have removed all the soap containers and boxes of Kleenex, but what about that spare sock someone left under the bed that you just didn’t catch while you were doing the tour?  Adobe Photoshop is releasing it’s new CS5 version in April, 2010.  CS5 has a new tool called the Content Aware tool that basically is a very intelligent healing tool and cloning too combined.  Check out You Tube for a sneak peak video of the tool being used to erase the trees and the lampposts in a shot.  I look forward to the new release and incorporating the editing tool into my Virtual Tours.  With the addition of the new RTV Full Screen viewer, quick load times and quality photographs will greatly enhance the RTV product we offer to our Realtors. 

Mary Jane Salopek
Pittsburgh Virtual Tours