Trina Jackson You Rocked The Shoot

Today Trina Jackson of Take Me There Virtual Tours (  rocked out a great Tour Track shoot!  Her fitness center images, shown here, had the RTV gang ooooh-ing and ah-ing.  These pictures are great examples of how windows should look. They are clear and bright, but not blown-out. The room itself does not look dark, despite the fact that there is so much outside light coming in. The equipment is crisp and clear. The angle is great and the picture is level.  Level pictures make the Tour Track Fairies happy, I’ll tell you what.  Nothing makes Melissa crankier than having to straighten 50 million pictures.

How did Trina shoot these well lit clear crisp pictures?  We’ll be passing along her tips in a future blog post so stay tuned! For two hours of photography tips each month please tune into The IMAGE!

Everyone give a shout out to Trina and congratulate her on winning a shiny  new tour credit!

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