Summer Marketing Materials | New Agent InfoPack

Summer is officially here and with that the peak time for you to be connecting with past virtual tour clients and connecting with new ones. This month we have several new virtual tour marketing pieces to help you do just that. First off is a flyer directed towards real estate agents. This flyer delineates our amazing new agent site program. If you are not already sharing this technology with the realtors in your area, now is the time to start. Remember, all of our marketing pieces are customizable within minutes using Microsoft Word. Simply insert your companies contact information, your logo and away you go! Who will sell the first RTV Agent Site?

With the end of the school year comes summer fun. That means millions of people are venturing out to amusement parks, put-put golf courses, go-cart tracks, batting cages and similar property types. These businesses are perfect for a virtual tour. The images would be interesting and really provide a potential visitor a clear idea of the activities available. We created a traditional brochure and a 1 page, two sided flyer targeted at amusement centers both large and small.

I am really amazed at the diverse business types that benefit from virtual tours. This two page flyer targets cemeteries. Realistically, many people are unable to visit several sites because of health, driving distances or other limitations. This flyer has a link to a wonderful example of an existing cemetery virtual tour.

Last of all, it’s time that you all start using the new real estate information packet to pass out to your prospects. We’re still updating our manuals and are putting the finishing touches on things but it’s a great start. It is up to date and contains all of the amazing new programs and technologies that we offer and explains them in detail. Look for this last one to post soon.

If you have an idea or a need for a specific virtual tour marketing piece please shoot us an email and we will see what we can do. Remember that all marketing materials can be accessed through

Good luck out there!
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