Stay in Front of Your Customer Base

Hello everyone from Hot Springs Village, AR.  The market is very slow here and we’ve had to make some (a lot) of concessions.  I thought I would pass on a couple of hints that have helped out our virtual tour company a lot. 

Hint #1:  Our agents weren’t seeing the benefit to creating a virtual tour on houses that are either priced very low, or have small, boxy rooms.  One tact we’re taking to keep them working with us is the Video Tour.  For $25, we create their online video slide show tour for YouTube and Google, using their photographs and link it back to their listing on their own website or on the MLS.  This is starting to work.  It keeps them open to the idea of utilizing the technology to stay ahead of the game, and it keeps us in front of them.  Some of them are telling me that they may hire us to take their regular photos as well (another $25 without a virtual tour) because they like our photos so well.  And when they list a home over $145,000 they come to us for the interactive 360 virtual tour.

Hint #2:  We purchased a Slave flash through, Phoenix D92-BZS, and  a Monopod.  It works great!  I am able to hold the monopod at different heights and angles and fill the light in dark corners. I did a lot of research on slave flashes and although this isn’t the best quality, it also didn’t cost the most.  It was reasonably priced and works great.  I can extend the header for distance light and I attach my 2nd diffuser for closer up. It takes a little practice, but the customer’s love it. 

Hint #3:  If you can’t find the longitude/latitude in, there is a site that we use.  It works very well and you can move the cursor and still get the correct numbers.  Then we take that to, enter it in, instead of the address, and click on “Link”.  Then paste that link into your online virtual tour software under the “buttons” – maps and satellites.  We have a 50/50 shot of getting it right the first time in google maps, so I was excited to find this alternative.

Good luck everyone!  Hot Springs Village is a great metropolitan melding of people in a gated golf/resort community.  Our market is different than most.  If anyone has any other hints to help us sell more Hot Springs Village Virtual Tours, I would love to hear from you. 

Donna Bigg
Challenging Designs Inc.
Photographer/Graphic Designer
Order a Virtual Tour: 501.922.8009