RTV – Delivering Virtual Tours & Marketing Training

Dear RTV,

Wow guys and gals over there never cease to amaze me the value that you provide for associating with you.  We have made a definite change in our strategy for the web.  When we first signed up with your virtual tour software company we decided to have our own website dedicated to our entire business.  We feel that at this time, our Real Estate Marketing Business is self sustaining and requires its own website, so within the next 2-3 weeks we will be setting up one of the newly improved RTV provider sites.  We are hoping that this gives us a leg up on the competition by promoting a consistent yet individualized identity for this division of our company.

The virtual tour webinar was excellent and as usual the products you choose to promote are affordable and convey great value as well as easy to use.  Additionally, by signing up for the website, we hope to take advantage of the portal once it becomes available. You will be seeing more and more 360 virtual tours on this site, more product promoted and more action.  Guaranteed!!

Thanks again,

Virtual Tour Company